SELS (Society for Education & Livelihood Services) – eLearn Program

SELS is conducting an online training program to develop Speech & Communication.

The core components of the training classes are as below:

  1. Public Speaking
  2. Positive Interaction
  3. Confidence development
  4. Planning the Situation
  5. Winning the Situation.

The classes shall be started from 10th July 2021 onwards.

Last date for registration : 4th July 2021.

Interested participants may register for the any further information with the below link:

Register Here


SELS has designed a rural educational development program naming Global Competition Meet. SELS aims to train the students as well as the faculty in High schools, Junior colleges and Degree colleges in the agency area of Visakhapatnam district.

Training details

Schools: Five levels

Level-1: 3rd to 5th class – Basic Interactive English, comp Literacy, Vedic Math and ABACUS

Level-2: 6th to 8th class– Interactive English and soft skills, computer literacy and Vedic math

Level-3: 9th to 10th class– Level-2 and online transaction

Level-4: Junior Colleges– Level-3, Trading awareness and Business English

Level-5: Degree colleges– Campus Recruitment Training and Tally

SELS follows the technique LIT (Language as Interactive Tool) aiming that every child and every new learner must enjoy the learning process through LIT. LIT follows easy training methodologies and techniques such as Suggestopedia, Total Physical Response,   Communicative Language Teaching, Gamification and Flipped class room so on.

SELS also has designed a project for educating the school children, Junior college children, Degree Children and unemployed youth.

Children Ability Development Program

Training for school children…

A School Program Trainer will be deployed at all the allotted schools to train the children in the following streams…

  1. Interactive English and Hindi
  2. Vedic Mathematics and Abacus
  3. Drafting skills
  4. Soft skills /Life skills
  5. No bag day activities 
  6. Language lab  (If possible)
  7. Calligraphy
  8. Training the government teachers and principals in English
  9. Computer literacy (MS Office)