Taking up the projects, we will provide job opportunities skilling them in different aspects.

SELS will have the following vacancies on successfully running the projects..

Program Trainers

Cluster coordinators

District project coordinators

State head

Content designer

Master trainers

Front office Executive so..on

  • We train English to the teachers and students in four levels following the method CNCIT (Create the Need of Communication, Instruct and Train)
  • EBC (English for Business Correspondence) 20-30 Hrs class including practicals
  • ECT (English as Communicative  Tool)     20-30 Hrs class including practicals
  •   EGM (English for  Gaining Marks) 20-60 Hrs class including practicals

    4 EPA (English Professional Aspires)  60 Hrs class including practicals.

SELS has designed a program naming  “EDUCATION AFTER COVID” which contains

  • Academic capacity building, focusing on Subject Marks and Skills (SMS).
  • Functional English at TPF.
  • Life Skills (Life at ABC).
  • Digital Education & Training.
  • Entrepreneurship Skills Training for Unemployed Youth.